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Fabergé - Part I

Updated: Feb 9

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Date: July 27, 1995

I received my first Pentium computer on June 1995, after using for 2 years an electronic typewriter machine. One month later I started to work for the first time on the mechanisms for Fabergé...

The computer and Fabergé have nothing in common, but both elements were essential for my professional development.

The Fabergé Egg is an icon and I was able to closely work on the mechanical development of the power device.

We cannot talk about a movement since time reading was not of essence, however, the particularity was to when the lids are being opened, a turning plate starts to move and a melody is playing at the same time.

My first work was about manufacturing the main plate, the barrel bridge and a transmission wheel bridge. The brass components were manufactured on a Schäublin 102 and a pantograph.

A total of 25 pieces per component were launched. The critical components were always mounted and machined together ending up with 25 kits for final assembly.

Besides the three main components, the ratchet wheel bridge also needed to be turned from a rough brass plate into a usable component...

That’s it for the first part of my work on the Fabergé eggs. More pictures will follow with the 2nd part.

With this note the 2nd year of my apprenticeship with Paul Gerber is being closed!


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