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Fabergé - Part II

Updated: Feb 9

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Date: Dezember 8, 1995

The Fabergé Summer egg as well as all other Fabergé eggs manufactured during my apprenticeship with Paul Gerber, feature a mechanical device for animating an upper plate when the lid is opened as well as a mechanical music box.

A long winding stem allows the egg for being wound from the base. The main part of the device is located in the lower part of the egg.

Similar to alarm functions, a lever starts and stops the mechanism depending on when the lid is open or closed. Both, the upper plate together with the music will stop.

Fabergé’s Summer egg from early 1996 animated a nenuphar swimming on blue water. Also note that the wooden base is a simple egg holder and not the final fancy jeweled base.

It was a great experience and honor to work on such art pieces!


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