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Manufacturing a steel pinion

Title : Manufacturing a steel pinion


Creation : November 4, 2014

Length : 2:49 min

Have you ever wondered how complex the manufacturing process of making a steel pinion is? This movie narrates on the main manufacturing steps by cutting the teeth one-by-one. Enjoy!

Manufacturing a balance cock

Title : Manufacturing a balance cock


Creation : September 1, 2014

Length : 2:01 min

With this short movie Marc Jenni captures a production phase of a balance cock for a manual wrist watch which normally takes 4 hours in fast motion of 2 minutes.

Enjoy !

Genuine Swiss Watchmaking - Marc’s Prologue

Title : Genuine Swiss Watchmaking - Marc's Prologue


Creation : September 9, 2011

Length : 2:26 min

Take a glance over Marc Jenni's shoulder on how he is working on the production of the "Prologue" watch. Turning, drilling and milling with the 3 axe CNC-Machine.

Unveiling the Prologue’s watch case construction

Title : Unveiling the Prologue's watch case construction


Creation : October 22, 2010

Length : 3:03 min

Enjoy the dismounting phase of the Prologue's watch case and appreciate the numerous components of this unique and innovative watch case construction.

Discover Marc Jenni’s Prologue watch

Title : Discover Marc Jenni’s Prologue watch


Creation : April 14, 2010

Length : 1:33 min

The following video helps to understand how the Prologue is being operated. Discover how smoothly the lateral wheel moves and how easy it is to cycle through the 3 functions.

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