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Expertise & Projects

Our creative and fearless approach on new and innovative projects leads us to come up with unique and bold timepieces. Always pushing the boundaries. We never give up until the watch is running and raising up a smile on someone looking at it.

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

Tiffany & Co.


The Tiffany Oracle mysterious tourbillon was the brainchild of Nobletime's founders. During the same period the Tiffany Mark T-57 Tri-Retrograde Chronograph as well as the Tiffany Grand 8 Day power reserve watches were born with the same creative energy.

New Britain Corp.


New Britain was a new kind of watch brand - conceived in the USA, and inspired by the California cool of the 1950s. The finishing of the Unitas 6498/1 movement was done to an extremely high level with sand-blasted bridges and beveled edges with a high-polish finish.

Wintour Watch


Wintour was an American company based in New York, NY, which manufactured unique watches with 3 carats of loose diamonds on each dial, floating gracefully in a sapphire crystal container which has been treated with an anti-reflective coating to prevent sticking.

Miki Eleta's Timeburner


Just like an engine transforms chemical energy into mechanical energy; the Timeburner converts the owner’s ignition and winding of the spark plug into mechanical movement and drives the piston along a non-linear time scale in the role of telling the time.

Private Label Development


The transversal indicator, which merges the minute and hour hands, rotates at the speed of a classic minute hand. Meanwhile, the hour disc below rotates at a constant speed, 1/12th slower than the indicator and therefore always showing the correct time on each side.

Minor Watch Prototypes


Prior to the successful launch of the Minor watch brand based in Spain, Nobletime handled the first watch prototypes in multiple color variations. They wanted to create a range of watches that not only lived up to the highest quality and durability, but also had a story to tell.

Comex Watch Prototype


Sometimes we only get to the protoyping stage. Just as the Comex watch project did not make it beyond. What remains are additional experience and technical know-how which can be used on other future projects. Now one knows which watch will be the next star.

EPFL Prototyping


Incredible journeys often start when individuals join forces. We were mind blown when we saw the nano-engraving possibilities of the EPFL research team. Nobletime handled the modification on the set of hands of a Tissot PR100 wrist watch.

Snyper Assembly


Snyper was one among other watch brands who trusted our competences in the field of assembly. Being flexible with every request we cased up the movement, dial and hands and tested each watch thoroughly for time keeping and water resistance. 


Carl Suchy & Söhne

Since 2016 we partner with the only luxury watch brand that combines Viennese elegance and Swiss precision.

Vault Swiss

We are the main assembler and watch tuner for the creative watch brand since 2018.

Marc Jenni

From the creation of the first Prologue watch at Baselworld 2010 until 2015 Nobletime handled all business aspecs.

Tire'd Watch Co.

Multiple watch lines have been manufactured and launched since 2012 for the New York based watch brand.

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