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Marc Jenni - Horological Creator

Marc Jenni

Créateur horloger

The virtue of simplicity.


"Simplicity is rare; however, it is always the most elegant path to perfection. For me, radical simplication goes beyond aesthetics. I despise complexity; it is a distraction."

Vintage Clock - Kurt Jenni
After Sales Service

“Just as the gyrating ring forges a direct path to the movement, I establish personal relationships with all my clients. All of them know who designed, manufactured and assembled their watches ... I did.“

About the watchmaker


The quest for simplicity has led Marc to become an independent watchmaker in 2008 and a member of the Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants in 2012.

Marc began his watchmaking journey as the apprentice of the prestigious independent watchmaker Paul Gerber, who instilled in Marc the traditional values of handcrafted watchmaking.


Having completed his apprenticeship, Marc worked for Tiffany & Co. for 10 years in Switzerland and New York. But it was inevitable that Marc forged his own path; after all, the Jenni Swiss watchmaking heritage goes back to the 18th century.


Marc lives in Denges, Switzerland, is married and has two lovely children who, perhaps, might perpetuate this family’s watchmaking tradition for one more generation. 


Personal Resume


Créateur horloger & Co-Founder of Nobletime Ltd.

Business owner of Jenni Uhren AG

Nationality: Swiss

Born: 1977 in Zurich, Switzerland

AHCI Member: 2012 - 2017

Marc Jenni

Extract from J.J Kubly-Müller’s genealogy work “The Jenny Families from the canton of Glarus” from 1929:


Johann Jakob Jenny, born on December 19, 1753 as the sixth child of Gabriel Jenny and Barbara Trümpy, died on February 23, 1814 as a single without descendants, active as a watchmaker and citizen from Glarus.

The heritage


Johann Jakob Jenni pocket watch


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Connect with me

Timeburner Sunset

Creative timeline

You dream to create your own watch brand? Are high quality and Swiss Made components important for you? 

Private Label


Each project is unique and has its own characteristics and challenges; we have the solutions to your needs.

Product Development


Convinced that customer service is the key to long term success, we are committed to exceed your customer's expectations.

Customer Service


Want to go international ? We share our extensive knowledge and network to help you find sales partners around the world.



We offer extended know-how and experience in worldwide delivery with adapted import and export solutions.

Operational Services


Genuine Swiss Watchmaking


Take a glance over Marc Jenni's shoulder on how he is working on the production of the "Prologue" watch. Turning, drilling and milling with the 3 axe CNC-Machine.

The Marc Jenni Collection

Marc Jenni Prologue

Prologue P01 & P02


Marc Jenni JJJ

JJJ - J01 & J02


Marc Jenni Arch

Arch - A01


Marc Jenni WDT

Prologue WDT P03 & P04


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