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Our Promise

Our experience with Private-Label projects and our flexible way of working always pushes us to find the best way in the interest of our clients to find a perfect win-win scenario. 

We pledge to always put our client interest first. That means working with leaders in our horological environmental with strong social and economic sustainability.

Vicente Mafé and Marc Jenni

Swiss Made

We offer three main approaches for watch production with Swiss Made qualification:


  • 100% Swiss Made watches - all components are manufactured in Switzerland (highest cost per item)

  • Swiss Made watches with main components manufactured in Switzerland and subcomponents coming from trusted Far East sources (ideal cost per item)

  • Swiss Made watches with main components manufactured from trusted Far East sources (watches in the price entry position)

All our watch productions are qualified for the only true reference: Swiss Made. Know-how, impeccable quality, aesthetic prowess, technical innovation: the indication Swiss Made reflects all this, and much more. 

Definition of product, costs with related margins, quality level and manufacturing partners. Roadmap on target milestones and deadlines. Determining project constraints and target goals.

We exclusively work with Swiss Made movements; the Swiss Made label is guaranteed on all three above described scenarios. Manufacturing costs as well as minimum order quantity depend on the chosen scenario.

Project scope


Vicente Mafé and Marc Jenni

Based upon minimum order quantities we supply a first cost estimation. Swiss Made timepieces with main components coming from Switzerland in stainless steel are at 100 pieces and for gold watches at 25 pieces. Swiss Made watches with main components from Far East production are at 300 minimum.

Prices vary per watch design and complexity of the case construction. You also have to take into consideration the movement you use: quartz or mechanical.

Cost estimation


Administrative work

Before launching a production, a small batch of working prototypes are required to validate the project. The prototyping phases, including the establishment of the technical drawings are estimated between CHF 15.000 to CHF 25.000. 50% of these costs will be refunded if a production run is launched subsequently.

If you need a watch design we can direct you to one of our freelance designers.

Prototyping phase


Matthieu Bonnaud at work

If all is set, the components can be procured. Upon reception, each item is undergoing a quality control inspection. The watches are getting assembled and tested for accuracy and water resistance. The final operation consist in adding buckle and strap before each watch is being packed and shipped. 

Production phase


Watch production

Analyzation of customer reviews, testimonials, comments and experiences from customers around the globe. Feedback from retailers, influencers, watch aficionados, journalists and freelancers. Everything which helps to progress and to enhance product and brand experience.

Market feedback


Showcasing private label timepieces
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