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BASEL 94 - The World Watch, Clock & Jewellery Show

Updated: Feb 9

Location: Basel, Switzerland

Date: April 14 - 21, 1994

Incredible how time is running! BASEL 94 was the very first time I was personally present during the entire show. In those days the fair was called «BASEL» plus two numerals denoting the exhibition year. In 1995 the name officially changed for «BASEL 95 - The World Watch, Clock and Jewellery Show». In 2003, the next step was a new corporate identity: BaselWorld, The Watch and Jewellery Show.

Every day I was running around the show to look out for my own highlight to learn from and write about. I was developing and analyzing among other themes George Daniels Co-Axial escapement which fascinated me.

Together with Paul I was at the booth of the academy AHCI and able to discover all the miscellaneous time devices and art pieces presented by their related watchmakers and creators.

Intrigued to find out which academy member was around at the fair in 1994? I was asking every participant to sign my workbook. Here they are:

Peter Schmid, CH

George Daniels, GB

Kiu Tai Yu, HK

Rainer Nienaber, D

J.K. Snetivy, CH

Jean Kazes, CH

Vincent Calabrese, CH

Svend Andersen, CH

François-Paul Journe, F

Carlo Cipolla, I

Jozef op de Beeck, B

Bernhard Lederer, D

Rainer Brand, D

Gianfranco Torri, I

Christiaan van der Klaauw, NL

Matthias Naeschke, D

Paul Gerber, CH

...and 16 years later, I was able to present my own watch creations at Baselworld 2010 under the umbrella of AHCI!


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