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BASEL 95 - The World Watch, Clock & Jewellery Show

Updated: Feb 9

Location: Basel, Switzerland

Date: April 25 - May 3, 1995

The 2nd Baselworld watch fair in 1995 was for me synonym to deepen relationships with members of the AHCI as well as to discover all new timepieces they crafted! Secondly and modestly to take part at the presentation of the most complicated wristwatch in 1995!

Paul Gerber presented his very first tourbillon which was ingeniousely integrated into a rare Louis-Elysee Piguet movement using the original balance wheel and hair spring. Not just «a» tourbillon, a flying tourbillon please...! Back in those days this «Frank Muller» branded watch was considered as the most complicated writstwatch. Impossible for not being influenced during my apprenticeship when such work is done in the same workshop!

Today the watch with a total 1116 parts features:

  • Hour, minute and second indication

  • Minute repeater

  • Grande et petite sonnerie

  • Perpetual calendar with retrograde month, weekday, date, 24-hour and leap year cycle indications

  • Moon phase

  • Equation indication

  • Thermometer

  • Flying tourbillon

  • Flyback Chronograph with a jumping 60-minute counter and split-seconds,

  • Power reserve indicator for movement and chime

It’s now up to you to make your own opinion about the hall of fame of the most complicated wristwatches ever done so far... this one clearly belongs to the list!

Ah - I almost forgot... I was again collecting signatures from all AHCI members which were exhibiting during the fair:


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