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Baselworld 2010

Updated: Feb 3

Location: Basel, Switzerland

Date: March 18 - 25, 2010

Prologue - the first watch concept from independent watchmaker Marc Jenni was presented as a world’s first in March 2010. The intriguing look does not reveal the power of innovation at a first glance, however, you will be told better…discover a new force of habit.


The black lateral winding ring is acting as a crown and spinning around its case, moving through the case attachments in both ways and occasionally winding up the watch. How to set the date and time? Nothing easier than that, simply press the large selector button to cycle through the functions “wind, date and time” and set the indications with the lateral ring.


Enjoy the smooth turn and feel the mechanism working at your fingertips…a unique winding experience is awaiting you.

After 6 months since the very first appearance of the “Prologue” watch on March 18 at Baselworld, we’d like to share some encouraging figures on our internet / watch magazine presence:


  • The watch appeared in 26 different internet watch forums across 16 countries

  • Our internet presence was discovered by around 1650 individuals from over 64 countries

  • The setup video “the Prologue in Action” has been visualized around 3400 times

  • 7 articles have been written and distributed around 4 different countries


Thanks to all those who have expressed their interest in our creation, whether in Basel, on our website or through articles in various magazines.

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