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Hartding Watch Boutique Opening

Updated: Feb 3

Location: Dresden, Germany

Date: Mai 11 - 12, 2012

The Great Opening of HARTDING - 1903 in Dresden, Germany, the extraordinary location for fine watches.

Initiator Marco Lang, a founding member of the watchmaker, "Lang & Heyne" in Dresden, the son of a major watchmaking dynasty, seamlessly set up on the traditions of his ancestors in the watchmaking craftsmanship. His grandfather, Richard Hartding was the person who took the plunge into entrepreneurship, when he opened his own watch company in 1903.

HARTDING - 1903 is far from being a run-of-the-mill watch and jewelry store: In addition to sales and consulting, it is the primary goal of the company to promote the small and independent watch brands. The company's portfolio includes, therefore, small manufacturers, usually also members of the AHCI. Independence and love for their respective products are properties that all have in common.

You will find HARTDING - 1903 at:


"Exceptional Watches and Creations"

Schloßstraße 16

D-01067 Dresden



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