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Updated: Feb 9

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Date: June 9 - 11, 1997

LAP stands for «Lehrabschlussprüfung» and is nothing more than the final exam in order to obtain the federal certificate of competence.

You need to prepare yourself for this one and unique week when experts test your skills, your knowledge and independence work. One week which determines whether or not you may call yourself a watchmaker or not.

Luckily I passed all my tests and was able to use my new title «Watchmaker» for the years to come.

4 years seem to be unbelievably long when you are 16 years old and just starting with your professional career...! Now I’m looking back to those 4 years and realize how quickly the time went over.

Besides learning the basics of watchmaking it’s and important period in life, a transition period when teenagers turn into adults. Besides acquiring the necessary knowledge, it was a time of making new friendships, helping out each other in order to live one of the greatest periods in your life...

...just until the government calls you on duty for the 4-month-military-service. Cheers!


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