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Fortis - Caliber 14

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Date: May 16, 1997

Working on the world’s first chronograph with an integrated alarm function for Fortis was my last project with Paul. But what a challenge!

Paul Gerber managed to integrate an alarm function in the existing Valjoux 7750 including a second wheel train and power barrel as well as an alarm hand and a «ON/OFF» indication.

Some extra height needed to be add to the oscillating mass (exacly xxx mm) in order to accomodate the new movement function. Fortis new watch was released and presented for the first time during Baselworld 1997 and is still in production 15 years later!

At Baselworld 1997 a bunch of prototpyes and mechanical creations were dispatched :

  • Paul Gerber

  • Victor Mayer

  • Fortis


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