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Thank you Paul Gerber !

Updated: Feb 22

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Date: July 31, 1997

This is the last period of my personal workbook diaries from 1993 to 1997! I’m looking back to a great adventure which was essential to my personal development. During my first 2 years of apprenticeship my binder grew up to 110 pages covering each week of activity and another 90 supplementary sheets with details for each work. Followed by another 105 pages and 43 supplementary sheets established during the 3rd and 4th year of apprenticeship.

More then ever I was sure that I found my passion!

Besides repairing over 170 actual and vintage timepieces in Paul’s watchmaking garage and working on some challenging projects and calibers, I was able to attend following outside activities:

  • an 11-week introduction course to acquire the mechanical basics in Solothurn

  • a 2-week course in pivoting in Solothurn

  • a 1-week introduction course for electronic movements in Solothurn

  • an exchange week at a nearby watch retail store

  • 16 days spent at two Baselworld watch fairs (1994 & 1995)

  • a 3-week course in regulating in Solothurn

  • 2 days spent at the SIHH in Geneva (1996)

  • a 2-week introduction course for electronic movements in Solothurn

  • a 1-week course for chronograph

  • 8 days spent at Baselworld 1997

  • 3 days business trip to London

I will always be grateful to Paul Gerber who spent so many hours to train me the art of fine watchmaking. And at top of it, the teacher has become a friend!

However, time has come for growth and new challenges in other fields of activities! November 1997, I’m taking off for a distant land...


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