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Berner Zytly

Updated: Feb 9

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Date: February 2, 1996

Time has come for a restoration of a vintage and wooden Swiss clock - a typical one-hand chiming clock from Bern. Locals also call it a «Berner Zytly» which literally means a timepiece from Bern.

The entire clock is made out of wood with the exception of some few metal pieces.

The wooden gong stud needed to be repaired. Wood worms and inappropriate handling deteriorate the stud over time.

Corrosion and rust also harmed the clock. The escapement needed to be repaired and some screws replaced.

Previous incorrectly repaired components such as the gear-train click and its arbor were replaced with better quality work.

The door lock also needed to be repaired as well as the gong isolator and the axe for the locking plate.

It is a pleasant feeling to know that one’s work adds another couple of years of existence to such old timepieces!


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