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Cal. 19 - The clown clock

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Date: October 25, 1996

Wow, already starting the workbook diaries of my 4th year of apprenticeship!  One more year to go and the odyssey is history...

As a quintessence of the previous period 3.8 and its featured 8-Day movement, the below picture shows a hand drawing of italian jeweler, Gerd Dorschfeldt, illustrating a table clock with a clown holding a ring.

This highly jeweled table clock is powered by Paul Gerber’s 8-Day movement and bears the caliber 19 as denomination.

The base movement was enhanced with a special dial-train mechanism allowing the power of the base movement to be transmitted to the hour ring which is turning inside the jeweled ring.

- When a master meets another master, the result reflects a piece of art! 

The more I learn about my own craft the more I respect every other professional environment one is performing in and the art he is mastering.


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