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Caliber 11

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Date: November 25, 1994

The Caliber 11 is a unique and heavily jeweled timepiece with a 360° time indicator and a chiming mechanism. The hand fitted movement features a special winding/time setting mechanism entirely made by hand.

The speciality of this setting device is the fact, that three functions need to be executed with one winding key. The less manipulation the customer needs to take care of the better for the clock’s future condition.

Turing the winding key clockwise and the chiming mechanism is being wound. Turning the key counter-clockwise, the setting device turns around its fixed axe and ensures a perfect transmission to the movement barrel.

If you push the winding key towards the clock case, the time can be set while turning the key in both directions.

Back in those days, the entire construction was established using a 2D CAD program named Autocad. 3D programs were in the very early stage of development and too complicated for a simple use.

The hand drawn pictures were simply used for illustration purposes and were not meant for production. Most of the time the 2D drawings served as a roadmap for the manufacturing process.

Usually the watch movement shapes the watch case or watch face but sometimes the watchmaker needs to adapt the watch or clock movement to fit a specific design! In the case of the Caliber 11, the movement needed to be shaped and adapted in order to fit the jewelers design and technical approach...


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