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Jules Jurgensen

Updated: Feb 9

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Date: November 8, 1996

After Urban Jürgensen died in 1830, his younger son Jules went to Switzerland and started his own company under the name “Jules Jürgensen Copenhagen” in 1836.

Zurich based auctioneer «Ineichen» featured a movement with minute repeater, chronograph «rattrapante» around 1874 signed by Jules Jürgensen Copenhagen no. 14064 in their catalogue from Saturday, November 16, 1996.

The balance-staff was broken and needed to be replaced. I particularly like the cone shape of the balance seating and the two pivot parts. All visible surfaces needed to be polished by hand!

Such details are the pride of our watchmaking culture. One could make a simple balance staff without any visual enhancements, but the difference is exactly in pushing the limits and incorporating individualism to a known function or design.


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