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Royal work

Updated: Feb 9

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Date: March 24, 1995

When timepieces come to the workshop for a general overhaul or a specific repair, watchmakers often discover without any surprise that the watch or clock has already undergone a previous repair temptation.

In the case of this vintage musical box with belongs to the family of the Belgium Royal Family, a detent mechanism needed to be repaired just because its previous repair temptation had not given satisfaction...

The previous repair featured two springs in brass and a very basic approach for the click with the result that the mechansim could no longer be wound correctly. Brass is not meant to be used for any kind of spring function!

The entire detent mechanism needed to be corrected and adapted. A new ratchet wheel, a spring and a click were made in order to guarantee an acceptable life cycle.

The task is as noble as the owner of this mechanical device! Watchmakers need to replace obsolete and tinkered mechanisms and features and refit to its original condition as good as possible. There is no room for any mediocre repair approaches...!


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